Signs of Illness in Dogs

Man’s Best Friend can be quite communicative at times: he might wag his tail and bounce with excitement to show how happy is to see you, or fix you with a woeful stare when he wants a bite of your dinner. Fido can’t tell you if he isn’t feeling well, however, so as a responsible dog owner, you’ll need to know what to watch out for. Below, a Cambridge, MA vet lists some signs of illness in dogs.

Dragon Breath

Fido isn’t exactly renowned for having super fresh breath, but his doggy kisses shouldn’t make you cringe, either. Bad breath can actually be indicative of medical issues, including dental trouble and internal problems.

Increased Thirst

Keep an eye on Fido’s water intake. A sudden increase in your pet’s thirst can be an indication that your furry friend is sick.

Changes In Appetite

A lack of appetite is often a warning sign in our animal companions. Fido is no exception. If your pooch starts eating much more or less than usual, he could have a health problem.

Weight Changes

Sudden weight loss or gain is another red flag. Keep an eye on your furry buddy’s weight.

Increased Urination

If Fido suddenly seems to have to go out more frequently than he used to, or becomes incontinent, he could have a health problem.

Mobility Issues

If your four-legged buddy is limping, or begins having difficulty getting up or lying down; climbing stairs; or getting in and out of cars, he could be ill. A loss of interest in play can also indicate illness.

Respiratory Troubles

Coughing, wheezing, sneezing, or rapid breathing are more warning signs in dogs.


Red, itchy, scaly, or irritated skin can all be signs of health trouble in our canine friends. Also, your dog’s eyes should be clear and bright. If Fido’s eyes look red, runny, or sunken, he could be sick.

Tummy Trouble

Digestive issues, such as vomiting or diarrhea, are also indicative of problems in Man’s Best Friend.

If your pooch shows any of these symptoms, or just doesn’t seem like himself, contact your vet right away. When it comes to Fido’s health, early diagnosis is very beneficial. The sooner a health problem is caught and treated, the better!

Please contact us, your local Cambridge, MA vet clinic, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help.

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