Pet Odors Prevention by a Cambridge Veterinarian

A Cambridge Veterinarian discusses ways to control pet odors in the home.

Have you ever walked into your home, and thought, this place smells like a kennel or worse. We all love our furry companions, but at times they can give off a very unpleasant, foul odor. To get rid of that feline or doggie odor that can come from your furniture,carpets,flooring  follow this advise from a Cambridge Veterinarian.

Grooming  Tips

The very first thing you need to do is groom your pet. You can do this yourself or have a professional groomer do it. Frequent bathing and grooming of your pet will definitely decrease significantly the odor coming from your furry companion.Your Cambridge Veterinarian can recommend  a number of products and excellent shampoos to make your pet smell its best.  Don’t forget, brushing you dog or cat will decrease the dander and fur that can smell up your house.

Home Vacuuming Tips

Don’t forget, vacuuming frequently will significantly help to decrease the amount of fur, hair and dander that can build up in your carpets, flooring,  and furniture. Did you know, that certain vacuum manufacturers make  machines that easily pick up your dog or cat’s hair and fur.Some of these  vacuum machine come with attachments to get the hair and fur off of pillows and chair arms.

Pet Bedding Tips

What to do about that smelly pet bed that your pet loves to sleep on?  The first thing this Cambridge Veterinarian recommends is to wash the bed/bedding in  warm water and laundry soap. If you rather not do this in your home, take it to a self service laundry shop.  Washing the bedding does a few things. It gets rid of any bacteria. parasites, dander, hair, and fur.  Please  make sure it is completely dry before leting your pet use it.

Is Your Pet Hiding Food or Treats

Does your pet like to hide food and treats under couches, bedding, chairs etc. These decaying foods and treats will absolutely  give off a very unpleasant odor!  Check regularly if your pet  is a ” Food Hoarder”. Speak to your Cambridge Veterinarian about ways to decrease this behavior if it is  causing you severe stress.

Last Tip to Combat Pet Odors

There are a number of companies that make odor neutralizing products for the home. Your Cambridge Veterinarian can gladly  discuss with you the various products. You can also Google  “pet odor neutralization products”.


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