Does Your Cat Have Ear Mites by a Cambridge Veterinarian

A Cambridge Veterinarian Tells You Everything About Ear Mites in Cats

Ear Mites Infestation in Cats

Ear mites are a common problem to afflict cats. These mites can cause significant inflammation, irritation, and infection in your cat’s ears. The mites can multiply quickly in a pet’s ears and are very transmissible between pets i.e. cats and dogs. In the following paragraphs, a Cambridge Veterinarian will answer all your questions about cat ear mites and their treatment and prevention.

What Exactly is a Ear Mite

Ear mice are parasites. They are very small. They live and reproduce in your pet’s ear canal. There are a few common types of these mites. They all cause infection, inflammation, irritation. They live on the ear  oils and  ear wax in the ear canal. They can also borrow under the skin. If you do not treat your pet for ear mites, the debris that is produced by these mites will increase and block air from getting into the canal. This excessive debris can block your cat’s hearing ability.

Where Did My Cat Get These Mites

These mites are very contagious. Most cats get them from another cat or even a dog.  Your Cambridge Veterinarian can discuss with you where he  believes your pet got them.

What are the Signs of an Ear Mite Infection

Most people first notice that their cat is scratching its ears and shaking its head excessively. Sometimes the cat will shake its head so violently that dark material and even tiny amounts of blood will be flung out of the ears. If you believe that your cat is showing the signs of an ear mite infestation and infection,  call your Cambridge Veterinarian immediately to set up an appointment.

Ways to Treat Ear Mites

For an accurate diagnosis, you’ll need to take your cat to your Cambridge Vet.  He or she will make a slide of the ear canal debris and examined it under a microscope to look for the adult ear mites and its eggs. Once the diagnosis of ear mites is made, your veterinarian will give you ear drops to kill the mites in the ears ,and also a  topical skin product that will kill the mites that come onto the cat’s skin. Occasionally the ear infection is so bad, that oral antibiotics are used in addition to the other treatments.

Once the ear mite infestation and infection are gone, you should clean your cat’s ears regularly. This is accomplished by gently swabbing the inside of your cat’s ears with a piece of cotton ball and an ear cleanser.  Ask your Cambridge Veterinarian about these products and which one would be best for your pet.

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