Autumn Care for Fido

Autumn is officially in full swing! Fall is definitely perfect dog-walking weather. It’s always nice to take in the beautiful foliage and crisp air after a long, hot summer. However, this time of year can be dangerous for Man’s Best Friend, so you may want to take some precautions to keep your pooch healthy, safe, and secure this fall. Read on as a Somerville, MA vet discusses autumn care for dogs.


Autumn nights can get quite chilly! Some pups may need to wear clothing in cold weather. Before you go shopping for Fido, text yourself his measurements, so you always have them. Never put your dog in anything that is tight, itchy, or constricting. You’ll also want to avoid anything with parts your pet could try to eat, like buttons. If your pup’s winter wardrobe has been in storage, go through it. Toss and replace anything worn or stained.


Autumn in New England can be breathtaking, but not all seasonal foliage is safe. Many late-blooming plants and mushrooms are toxic to dogs. Leaf piles are another concern, as they can harbor mold and bacteria. They also make tempting nests for rodents and other wild animals.


Candles, potpourri burners, and other seasonal decorations can give your home a cozy, whimsical feel, but they definitely do not mix well with pets. Be sure to put these things in high, secure spots Fido can’t reach.


While some seasonal foods, such as pumpkin, squash, and turkey, are safe for Fido, many other autumn favorites are not. Halloween candy, for instance, can be highly toxic to dogs, as it often contains things which are toxic to them, such as chocolate, nuts, and xylitol. Hard candies, and their wrappers, also present serious choking hazards. Keep that candy dish out of paws’ reach! Also, if your dog is a puppy, senior, working dog, or nursing mama, he may need larger portions in winter. Ask your vet for more information.


Make sure your canine pal has a nice, comfy bed to snuggle up in. This is a great time to give Fido’s bedding a good washing. If you have an older dog or a large breed, pamper your pooch by getting him an orthopedic bed, or even a heated one.

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