Tips for Helping a Senior Pet Settle In

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month? This is a great cause, and one we are happy to promote! If you’ve recently decided to give a sweet older pet a good retirement home, you definitely have our support! Here, a Somerville, MA vet offers some tips on helping a senior pet settle in.

Comfy Beds

Older pets are quite sleepy, and will spend at least half of their time napping. Make sure your furry buddy has lots of comfy beds! If you have a dog, we recommend getting Fido an orthopedic doggy bed.

Good Food

Proper nutrition is crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. Ask your vet for specific recommendations on your furry pal’s menu, including portion sizes, suitable treats, and beneficial supplements.


Snacks are a great way to brighten your pet’s day. However, don’t let your dog and cat manipulate you into overfeeding them. Older pets gain weight quite easily. If your pet becomes obese, he or she will be at risk of developing some very dangerous health issues.

Veterinary Care

Making sure your pet sees the vet regularly is very important! Regular exams will greatly increase the chances of any medical issues being caught—and therefore treated—early, which can make a huge difference. At home, watch for signs of illness, and call your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss.

Senior Facilities

There are lots of small things you can do to make your home more comfortable for your furry pal. Setting out pet ramps or stairs will help your dog or cat stay mobile. We also recommend leaving a light on after dark. If you leave your pet home alone, keep a TV or radio on, and leave your climate control running.


Exercise is just as important for pets as it is for people. Most dogs need at least a daily walk. You may find that you really enjoy taking a relaxing stroll with your pup! As for Fluffy, regular play sessions will benefit her both mentally and physically.


Pay lots of attention to Fido and Fluffy, and don’t skimp on those ear scritches! You may find you really enjoy this special time with your furry friend.

Please contact us, your Somerville, MA animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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