5 Things That Annoy Cats

If you have a kitty, chances are you have some unique stories to tell about your cute pet. Cats may be small, but they really do have big purrsonalities! While every feline has their own individual quirks and characteristics, they do share some common likes and dislikes. Read on as a Somerville, MA vet lists some things that annoy Fluffy.


Although kitties take their beauty regimes very seriously, most of them are not very fond of baths. There may be some valid reasons for this: in the wild, water could be very dangerous to our feline pals. Not only are currents and deep water treacherous, but wet cat fur gives off a distinct smell that could attract predators. Or, maybe Fluffy just knows that she looks a bit silly when she’s sopping wet. Either way, baths are definitely at the top of this list.

Too Much Attention

Cats are very purrticular when it comes to getting attention. While some of our feline buddies are furry little cuddlebugs, others are more aloof, and only want to get snuggled on their terms. If you try to pet Fluffy when she’s not feeling affectionate, she’ll probably give you a look of kitty disdain and walk away.

Being Ignored

While forcing affection on your furry overlord is definitely a faux pas, you also don’t want to make the terrible mistake of not giving your cat enough attention. (We know, Fluffy has a way of wanting to be petted and cuddled when her humans are busy doing something. That seems to be one of the laws of being feline.) Make sure to pay attention to your kitty! If she doesn’t like snuggles, just talk to her and play with her.

Loud Noises

Cats like their kingdoms quiet and peaceful. (This does make sense, given that kitties spend the vast majority of their time snoozing.) While Fluffy may enjoy having a TV or radio on for background noise when you go to work, she hates being startled, and definitely won’t be happy if you accidentally drop a pan near her.

Being Woken Up

Cats certainly are sleepy. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! Even so, if you move your drowsy furball mid-nap, she’ll probably give a little meow of protest.

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