If Cats Had Thumbs

There are certainly some very cute pet holidays on the calendar, such as Love Your Pet Day and Hug Your Cat Day. One of our purrsonal favorites is coming right up: March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! What do you think your feline buddy would do with opposable thumbs? A local Somerville, MA vet offers some pawsibilities in this article.

Order Everything

You might be in serious financial trouble if your cute pet figured out how to order things online. Before long, you’d be finding packages piled up at your door. What would Fluffy buy? We suspect cat towers, live fish, tuna, kitty toys, and pet beds would all be on the list.

Crank The Heat

Fluffy may be wearing a fur coat, but she still loves finding warm spots to snuggle up in. Your furball may very well crank the thermostat and sprawl out on the couch for a nap.

Ransack Your Home

As we all know, cats are very curious, and perhaps a bit nosy. Fluffy may just open every drawer and cabinet in your home, and dump everything onto the floor.

Open All The Food

While kitties can be finicky, there are some cats out there that will eat pretty much anything. Fluffy probably wouldn’t waste much time before going through the cupboards and opening every can in the house!

Let Herself Out

We strongly recommend that cats stay inside, as they are much healthier and safer indoors. However, our feline friends don’t necessarily see it that way. It’s probably safe to say that one of the first things your furball would do would be to let herself out . . . even if she immediately came back inside. (If you have a dog, you may also come home to find Fido locked out.)

Hack Your Computer

Have you ever wonder if cats understand computers? Fluffy does enjoy walking over and napping on keyboards, and also enjoys playing with mice. If your furball could access the internet, she may spend hours watching funny cat videos online . . . and who could blame her?

Discard Your Car Keys

Most kitties are definitely not very fond of car rides. Fluffy may make a preemptive strike and hide or throw away your keys.

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