Fido’s Cutest Quirks

Does your dog sometimes tilt his head when you ask him a question, as if to ask ‘What?’ One reason it’s so easy to love our canine pals is the fact that they are so adorable. Fido definitely has some super cute habits! Read on as a Somerville, MA vet lists some of Fido’s most endearing quirks.

The Tail Wag

If there were to be a survey conducted on how many smiles are caused by tail wags every day, it’s probably safe to say the numbers would be astronomical. The happy puppy tail wag is particularly adorable: Fido may shake his tail so hard that his hips move. Some lovable pooches start thumping their tails as soon as their human buddies look at them!

The Innocent Look

Fido is very intelligent, and is more than smart enough to know what is and isn’t allowed. That doesn’t mean your pooch won’t break the rules, however. Man’s Best Friend is particularly skilled at looking innocent when he’s been busted doing something naughty, like eating couch cushions.

The Happy Dance

Dogs have served us in many roles over the year, from hunting companion to camping buddy to guard. However, Fido’s cutest role may very well be that of a cheerleader. Dogs are always, always happy to see their human friends. It’s hard not to smile when you see your pup jump for joy when you come home!

The Confused Expression

Although Fido is quite smart, as noted above, there are some things he just can’t figure out. Vacuum cleaners, cats, baths, laser pointers, and other inexplicable mysteries can really throw Man’s Best Friend for a loop!

Doggy Support

Man’s Best Friend has been our companion for thousands of years. He’s gotten to know us pretty well in that time, and can sense if we are sad, angry, or stressed. If Fido senses something is bothering you, he may put a paw on your leg, nap at your feet, or just stick close to you. This silent support is a truly beautiful thing, and is just one reason the bond between people and pets is so special. The unconditional love and friendship dogs give us is truly one of life’s most precious gifts!

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