Great Ways to Hide Litterboxes

Cats are very popular pets, and with good reason. They’re cute, cuddly, clean, and easy to care for. They also have a way of making us laugh, and soothing us on bad days. However, no matter how charming your cat is, her litterbox isn’t nearly as cute. Litterboxes can be a bit stinky, and are particularly problematic in small spaces, like apartments. Here, a Somerville, MA vet suggests some ways to hide Fluffy’s purrsonal powder room.


Folding screens can conveniently section off a portion of the room so your kitty can have her own private lavatory. Set the screen up kitty-corner. Just leave enough space for Fluffy to get in and out.

End Table Drape

An end table with four legs can be a convenient way to disguise Fluffy’s powder room. You may want to get a litterbox with a cover. Drape a pretty fabric over the table to disguise the litterbox. You can put a pet-safe plant on the table if you like.


Storage totes are another great option for hiding litterboxes. The benefit here is that, because they are so cheap, you can easily replace them when they get worn out. To make it more attractive, decorate it with stencils or contact paper. Then, just put a kitty door on one side.

Repurposed Furniture

An old end table with doors can make a great litterbox holder. Just cut a hole in one side for Fluffy to use as an access point. Then, you can use the doors for cleaning.

Trunks/Storage Chests

Many types of trunks and/or storage chests work very well as litter box holders. As with the end table and tote options, you’ll want to cut a hole in one side, so Fluffy can get in and out. You may want to put thick plastic sheets on the inside, to protect it.

Custom Pieces

If none of these options appeal to you, look online for custom furniture. There are now quite a few companies that make pieces that are specifically designed to hold kitty lavatories. Some are even cleverly disguised as plant pots! These may be a bit pricier than the options listed above, but they are both attractive and functional, and should last quite a while.

Please reach out to us, your Somerville, MA vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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