5 Ways to Beat the Bored Doggy Blues

Did you know that boredom is often behind bad doggy behaviors, like digging and chewing? Our canine buddies are very smart, and need lots of mental stimulation to thrive. Read on as a Somerville, MA vet offers tips on keeping Fido entertained.


Daily walks aren’t just important for sanitary reasons. They also give your pooch a much-needed change of scenery, and a chance to sniff new grass. Dogs can learn a lot about the world by smelling things, so nosing around on a lawn or field can be very good for Fido. Your furry friend can learn things like who has been there, how long ago, and whether they are young or old, male or female, and sick or healthy. It’s actually kind of like the doggy version of reading a daily newspaper!


Taking a few minutes a day to play with your pet will benefit both of you. Fido loves to run and play, and will be thrilled to chase after a toy or play Tag with you. This will also help your pup burn off any excess energy, and can prevent doggy mischief. After a vigorous round of Fetch, your canine pal will likely be more interested in napping than in chewing on your shoes.


Toys are an absolute must. Puzzle toys, such as Kong toys, are great because they can keep dogs entertained for hours. Be sure to change your pup’s playthings out regularly, to keep things fun and fresh for him. You’ll also want to wash your dog’s things frequently. Since Fido basically uses his mouth to play, it doesn’t take long for his toys to get crusty and gross.

Window View

If possible, give your canine companion a window he can look out while you’re gone. Fido may spend hours watching birds and squirrels and making nose art on the window pane.


Many dogs really enjoy learning new things. All of our furry pals should know basic commands. The five most crucial ones are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Once your pooch has these mastered, you can move on to teaching him more advanced commands, like Leave It or Drop It. Or, show Fido some cute tricks. Roll Over will never stop being adorable!

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