DIY Toys for Pocket Pets

Do you have a bunny, Guinea pig, gerbil, or hamster? These little guys are absolutely adorable, and can be really fun to watch and play with. One thing that all of these smaller pets have in common is the fact that they need to chew quite a bit to keep their teeth healthy. Store-bought playthings are of course fine, but you can also make your own. Read on for as a Somerville, MA vet lists some DIY pocket pet toys.

Toilet Paper Rolls

The cardboard tubes from toilet paper or cardboard roads can be upcycled into all sorts of cute playthings. Stuff them with fresh hay or herbs, or even shredded paper. Or, cut them into rings, and then use the rings to make a little ball for your cute pet.


Plain paper is safe for pets to nibble on. There are several ways to make it fun for your furry buddy. Crumple a piece up around a yummy treat. Or, fill a shoebox with several paper balls. You can also try your hand at origami, and make shapes for your fuzzy friend. Another option is to fill a tissue box or shoebox with shredded paper for your pint-sized pal to play with.

Wooden Items

Many wooden items are fine for pets to nibble on. Wooden spoons, thread spools, and other objects can make great chew toys! Just avoid anything made out of pine or cedar. Objects with small parts or sharp edges are also best avoided, as is anything coated in varnish, paint, glitter, or dye.

Treat Toys

If there’s one thing that all of our animal companions love, it’s food. Rabbits and Guinea pigs may enjoy nibbling on hanging veggies. String twine between two chairs, and use clothespins to hang suitable produce. You can also stuff fresh hay or herbs into a paper lunch bag or a cardboard box. Just be sure to only offer foods that are safe for your furry friend. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Many of these little furballs love to explore mazes. You can make your tiny pal a little labyrinth out of PVC pipe, cardboard tubes, or shoeboxes. You can even use paper mache. Just be sure to use nontoxic glue.

Please reach out to us, your local Somerville, MA vet clinic, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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