Cat Care for Apartment Dwellers

Do you and your kitty live in an apartment? Cats can do very well in small spaces. After all, Fluffy does spend a ridiculous amount of time sleeping. She’s also much safer inside, where she is protected from hazards like weather, cars, and chemicals. Read on as a local Somerville, MA vet offers tips on keeping apartment kitties content and purring.


Make sure your feline buddy has lots of fun toys to play with. Kitties all have their own unique tastes. Some like catnip mice, while others love chasing the dot from laser pointers. Get Fluffy a variety, and see what she likes best. Your furball will also appreciate a comfy window seat with a good view. Some cats even like playing game apps made for cats, or watching DVDs made for kitties.

Kitty Comforts

Small touches can really help you keep that little motor running. If Fluffy stays home alone while you go to work, keep a TV or radio on for her. The background noise will both soothe her and provide beneficial mental stimulation. If you won’t be home before dark, leave a light on for your furry friend. No one likes sitting home alone in a dark, silent house! Climate control is also important.

Taste of Nature

Although cats are definitely much safer living indoors, there is no reason that Fluffy can’t enjoy a taste of nature. Placing pet-safe plants around your apartment will give your kitty more things to investigate and nibble on. Check the ASPCA website for a specific list of toxic and non-toxic plants.

Veterinary Care

Even if your pet never goes outdoors, she’ll still need regular veterinary care. It’s much better—and cheaper—to keep up with Fluffy’s wellness care than to treat issues once they have arisen. Follow your vet’s recommended appointment schedule.


Your feline pal will be much happier with a few things she doesn’t have to share. Cat towers are great, as they provide napping spots, jungle gyms, lookout points, and nail care stations. They also keep kitties active by encouraging them to jump and climb. You can also offer Fluffy pet tents or tipis or cat walks. Needless to say, some comfy beds are also a must.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your Somerville, MA vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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