Halloween With Fido

Halloween is coming up fast! This is a great time of year to enjoy some long walks with your dog. However, the autumn holiday can be dangerous for Fido. Here, a Somerville, MA vet discusses Halloween with dogs.


As we all know, dogs are very, very enthusiastic about food. Fido will happily snap up anything you offer him, and may scarf something up off the floor before you can stop him. Halloween is particularly dangerous in this aspect. Many of those sweet treats are not safe for dogs! Never let your furry pal have chocolate; nuts; or grapes, currants, or raisins. Products that contain xylitol, which is found in many baked goods, are also unsafe. Keep that candy dish away from your pet as well: hard candies and candy wrappers are serious choking hazards.


There’s often extra traffic on and around Halloween. You may also see more people on the sidewalks. Keep Fido on a tight leash. It will start getting dark earlier, so you may want to get reflective gear to wear when walking your dog after dark. If you have a yard, limit your pup’s outdoor time, especially at night.


Keep Fido in mind when decorating your place. Items with strings or ropes, such as fake spiderwebs, can choke or entangle playful pups. Anything electric or battery operated is also unsafe. If you use jack-o-lanterns, make sure your dog can’t reach them.


Man’s Best Friend is extra adorable in costume. It’s almost impossible not to laugh at Fido when he’s dressed up as a taco or dinosaur. However, always put your pet’s comfort and safety first. Don’t force your canine pal to dress up if he seems uncomfortable in clothes. Never put your dog in anything flammable, or anything that restricts his vision or movement. Items that are tight, hot, or itchy are also unsuitable, as is anything with small parts, like buttons, that your furry friend may try to eat.


Fido takes his door doggy duties very seriously. However, a steady stream of costumed visitors may be a bit much for him. If your furry buddy gets worked up when the doorbell rings, put him in a quiet back room with food, toys, and bedding, and turn a radio on to mask the noise.

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