Adopting a Senior Pet

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Older dogs and cats really have a lot to offer, and can make wonderful, loving pets. They’re also absolutely adorable! If you are ready to bring a new animal companion into your home, please consider giving one of these lovable pets a great retirement home. Here, a Somerville, MA vet discusses adopting a senior pet.

The Plight Of Senior Pets

Senior pets end up in shelters for a variety of reasons. Some were abandoned by their owners, or, sadly, have been ‘turned in’ for younger models. Others become available for adoption simply through unfortunate circumstances, such as the death or illness of a beloved owner. Unfortunately, they often have a very hard time getting adopted, simply because they have to compete with adorable puppies and kittens. These older pets often have a very limited time to find themselves a new forever home. This is very sad, because pets in their golden years still have a lot of love to give.


Older pets have some wonderful qualities to offer. For one thing, they’re much calmer than puppies and kittens. Fluffy probably won’t wake you up by jumping on your toes in the middle of the night, while Fido will be more inclined to napping than in chewing your shoes. Dogs and cats in their golden years also often have a very lovable, sweet demeanor that makes them great companions. Another benefit is that these older furballs have typically already been trained. Being able to skip housebreaking is a definite bonus!

The Adoption

A trip to the vet’s is definitely in order, but otherwise, you can just focus on getting to know your new furry friend. Going to a new home is a big deal for Fido and Fluffy. Your new pet may be depressed and/or anxious about being separated from their former owner. They may need time to adjust, and may sleep a lot at first. That’s perfectly normal, so just let your four-legged friend settle in. Don’t force attention on your new buddy. Offering treats and praise will help you win your pet’s trust. Take Fido for long walks, and spend time talking to and playing with Fluffy. Your fuzzy pal may soon be overflowing with purrs and tail wags!

Do you have questions about caring for senior pets? Please contact us, your Somerville, MA vet clinic, anytime.

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