Odd But Adorable Ways Cats Show Affection

Cats are very curious and entertaining pets, who have a way of keeping us laughing with their silly antics and adorable mannerisms. Our feline friends also have some super quirky ways of showing affection. A Somerville, MA vet lists some of the cuter ones below.


Cats like to stick close to their humans. Fluffy may follow you from room to room, and may even try to go into the bathroom with you. Keep your nosy pet purring by petting her and talking to her throughout the day.


If you pay attention, you may notice Fluffy blinking slowly when she looks at you. This is also a sign of kitty affection. Try blinking back, and see what she does!


Does your feline buddy sometimes knead you when she’s on your lap? That means Fluffy thinks of you as her parent. Kittens do this when they are nursing, as it helps stimulate milk flow. (Tip: put a towel on your lap before settling in with your furball.)

The Belly Rub

If Fluffy sometimes lets you touch her belly, take it as a major compliment. That furry tummy is your pet’s most vulnerable area, so she won’t let you near it unless she really trusts you. (Note: cats can change their minds about tummy rubs at any given moment, but that’s just purr for the course.)


Kitties have some very adorable vocalizations. While some cats are chattier than others are, many will answer back when you speak to them. Mimic Fluffy’s meows when she speaks, and see if she keeps the conversation going.

Rubbing Against You

Does your furball sometimes rub against your legs? This is actually Fluffy’s way of marking you as ‘hers.’ Your pet is actually rubbing her scent on you when she does this.


You’ve likely heard the term ‘Love bite’ at some point. Our feline pals are the masters of affectionately chomping on people! While true aggression is a serious behavioral issue that should be addressed, playful nibbles are often just a sign of kitty love.

Sleeping On You

Another way cats show attention is by basically using us as furniture. Fluffy may sprawl out beside you in bed, curl up on your pillow, snooze on your lap, or hang out on your shoulders.

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