Simple Organization Tips for Pet Parents

Are your pet’s things scattered throughout your house? Fido and Fluffy do need a lot of supplies and toys, which can create clutter. Read on as a local Somerville, MA vet offers some great organizational tips for people with pets.

Waste Baggie Hack

Get a clear two-liter soda bottle and cut it in half. Fasten it to the wall, with the small opening where the mouth was pointing down. Then, put a roll of waste baggies in it, and thread the first one through the hole. Voila!

Grooming Supplies

Get a shower caddy just for your pet’s grooming supplies. That way, you’ll have everything right in one place.


Consider keeping your pet’s treats in a cute cookie jar or wicker basket. This is a much more attractive option than a plastic bag or cardboard box! As for kibble, you can store it in a pitcher or storage tote. Just be sure to wash it regularly.

Pet Cabinet

Food, toys, treats, medicine, grooming supplies, jackets waste baggies … these things all take up space! Dedicate a specific cabinet to storing all of your pet’s things. You can also use a trunk or wicker basket. Speaking of baskets, they make great toy boxes for pets!

Emergency Bag

Do you have an emergency bag packed for your pet? If not, we recommend making one. This should include a pet first-aid kit, blankets, toys, treats, a week’s worth of food and medicine, your pet’s vaccination and medical records, a first aid-brochure, a spare leash and collar, and other relevant supplies.

Doggy Travel Bag

Do you like to take Fido with you on trips? Get a travel bag just for him. Keep it stocked with essentials, such as a doggy raincoat, food, treats, waste baggies, a pet water bottle, a first-aid kit, paperwork, a spare leash and collar, towels, and pet wipes. When you’re ready to go, all you need to do is grab the bag!

Walk Station

Get a small coat rack just for Fido. Hang waste baggies in a cloth tote from one hook, and Fido’s leash from another. You may also want to add a dog-walking jacket. Fill the pockets with keys, waste baggies, a flashlight, and anything else you may need.

Please reach out to us, your local Somerville, MA vet clinic for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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