Caring For A Deaf Dog

May 3rd is Specially-Abled Pet Day! Pets that are specially-abled are often passed over. This is really sad, because they have a lot of love to give. Animals are very resilient, and can lead full, happy lives, even if they face physical challenges. They may need a little extra TLC, but are often easier to care for than many people think. In this article, a Somerville, MA vet discusses caring for a deaf dog.


Playthings are important for all dogs, and deaf pups are no exception. Your pooch may prefer toys that light up, as he’ll be able to find them a bit more easily.

Light The Way

Teach Fido to respond to hand signals, rather than vocal commands. You may also want to train him to come when you wave a flashlight. This will be very useful for calling him to you at night.

No Surprises

Many deaf dogs hate being startled. Stomp your foot before approaching your pup, so he knows you’re there. If you have to wake Fido from a nap, wave a treat under his nose. Also, try not to leave the house while your canine buddy is sleeping. Your cute pet may become quite distressed if he wakes up and realizes you’re gone!


Some dogs with hearing issues can still ‘hear’ certain vibrations. If you have a piano, watch what your furry friend does when you hit the lower keys. If he seems to react, you may be able to train him to respond to certain notes.

Bells and Whistles

Put a bell on Fido’s collar. This will help you keep track of where he is in the house, since he won’t hear you if you call him.


Fido won’t be able to hear cars approaching, so you’ll need to be extra careful when walking him. Keep your furry companion on a short leash, especially if you are walking on the side of a road.


The most important thing you can do for Fido is to just make him feel loved and safe. Just like any other dog, he will appreciate things like toys, treats, and belly rubs. You may find that your specially-abled pet absolutely adores you, and fills your life and heart with love!

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