Brushing Your Cat

Kitties are very diligent about keeping up with their beauty rituals. Fluffy will groom herself daily to keep her coat soft and shiny. That doesn’t mean cats can’t use some help, however. In fact, it’s a good idea to brush your feline pal regularly. This will remove dead fur and dander from her coat. It’s also good for her circulation. A Somerville, MA vet discusses brushing Fluffy in this article.

Getting Started

If you have a kitten, you have the upper paw, as you’ll be able to get your little buddy used to be brushed while she is young. Older cats may need some purr-suasion, especially if they aren’t used to being groomed. Timing is very important here. Cats like to do things on their own terms. If you just grab your kitty and start brushing her, Fluffy will probably wiggle away and then go hide. Pick a time when she is feeling relaxed. (Given that our feline friends spend roughly 95 percent of their time sleeping or just relaxing, this shouldn’t be difficult.) Talk to your cat gently as you brush her, and work in lots of forehead kisses and ear scritches. A special treat will also help.

Inspection Time

When you’re brushing Fluffy, look for signs of illness or injury. Some of the things to check for include cuts, bites, swelling, heat, and sore spots. Contact your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss.

Long-Haired Kitties

Longhaired cats are adorable! They also have a lot of fur to care for, and sometimes have trouble staying on top of all that floof. If your furball has long hair, you’ll need to brush her at least once a week. Pay close attention to Fluffy’s little armpits, as cats often get tangles in those areas. You may want to get a special de-tangling brush to help with knots.

Letting Go

Don’t force Fluffy to submit to being brushed if she isn’t in the mood. When she’s had enough, just let her go. Try again another day.

Purrfect Quality Time

Kitty beauty sessions don’t need to be a chore. This is something you can do while Fluffy is relaxing on your lap. Don’t be surprised if your furball seems to really enjoy being brushed. If there’s one thing cats like, it’s being pampered!

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