Reasons To Celebrate National Cat Day

There’s a pretty important holiday coming up. August 8th is International Cat Day! Kitties definitely deserve to be celebrated. This is a purrfect time to show your feline friend some extra TLC, and get that little motor going. A Somerville, MA vet lists some reasons to pamper Fluffy in this article.

Easy Keepers

Kitties are extremely popular pets, and it isn’t hard to see why. Fluffy is not only absolutely adorable, she’s also very clean and independent. You don’t have to walk or train her, and you (probably) don’t have to worry about her making too much noise. These things make cats perfect for apartment living!

Pest Control

Our feline pals’ mousing skills aren’t as in demand as they once were. Nowadays, most kitties are more likely to hunt bottlecaps or dust bunnies than rodents. However, Fluffy’s hunting skills are still worth mentioning, as some people still need a helping paw with keeping critters away. Plus, it’s a big part of why we let cats into our households in the first place. There’s a good chance that, many thousands of years ago, a cute kitty wandered into someone’s house, killed a mouse, and then curled up in a comfy spot. These little furballs have basically had us wrapped around their paws ever since!

Comedic Relief

Kitties brighten up our lives in many ways, but one of the biggest is simply the way they keep us smiling. Laughter is one of the best things in life, and cats certainly provide us with plenty of it. Our furry buddies are full of adorable—and sometimes confusing—perks. To name just a few, there’s her obsession with boxes, her napping habits, the way she smacks things off tables, and her love of catnip. Plus, it’s also almost impossible not to laugh at Fluffy’s playful antics.


If cats had one job, it may very well be to offer their humans love and comfort. We don’t have to mention that this has been a tough year. The coronavirus pandemic turned everything upside down in a very short time! Kitties definitely make quarantine better. Pets helped many people cope with being stuck indoors. They also make working from home much more fun. Get your furball a special treat, or perhaps a new toy!

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