• Our pets entertain us, keep us active, reduce our stress levels and provide us with unconditional love. All they ask in return is that we give them a good life. At Cambridge Veterinary Care, we would be honored to support you in achieving this goal. We’ve put together a comprehensive system of care that delivers state-of-the-art medicine through compassionate, individualized attention.

    When it comes to veterinary services in Cambridge and Somerville, we know you’ve got plenty of options. With us, you’ll get a level of care that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s the personal interactions with our friendly staff or the gentle way we handle our patients, you’ll notice the difference right away. Call or stop by today!


    Autumn Care for Fido

    Autumn is officially in full swing! Fall is definitely perfect dog-walking weather. It’s always nice to take in the beautiful foliage and crisp air after a long, hot summer. However, … Read More »


    Obesity in Cats

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    7 Key Points of Responsible Dog Ownership

    September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month! Of course, we think every month is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, but that’s another topic. We all know that belly rubs, ear scritches, treats, … Read More »

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