Kitty’s Pet Peeves

If you have a cat, you’ve probably noticed that your feline friend has some super cute quirks and mannerisms, and may have very specific taste. Just like people, kitties all have their own unique personal preferences. These cute little furballs do share some common likes and dislikes, however. A local Cambridge, MA vet lists some things our feline friends hate in this article.


Fluffy’s hatred of water is somewhat justified. In the wild, rivers and lakes can be very dangerous to kitties. Water can hide predators or other threats, and those swift currents can also be hazardous to cats. There’s also the fact that cat fur, when wet, gives off a distinct smell that can attract predators. Of course, kitties don’t look their best when they’re wet, and they may very well know it!

Car Rides

This is one area where our canine and feline pals differ greatly. Asking Fido if he wants to go for a ride may get that furry tail wagging, and cause your dog to literally jump for joy. Fluffy, on the other hand, seems to think cars are horrible, scary machines created to torment her. However much your kitty may hate the trip, it is definitely in her best interests to visit the vet at least once a year.

Each Other

While some kitties can become best buds, and really enjoy snuggling up and playing together, our feline friends aren’t always that sociable. Fluffy may become extremely agitated just by the sight of a stray cat crossing the yard, which she may see as an intrusion on her domain.

Incorrectly Applied Attention

Fluffy is very particular as to how she likes to be petted. Too much attention and too little attention are both major offenses to some of these cuddlebugs. Petting your feline buddy the wrong way, or at the wrong time, can also annoy her.

Loud Noises

If you’ve ever dropped a plate around your cat, there’s a good chance that your furball immediately sped out of the room, and maybe made a beeline for her favorite hiding spot. While some kitties are super calm, most of our furry pals prefer peace and quiet, and hate loud noises or commotion.

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