Walk Your Dog Day

Did you know that there’s a special doggy holiday coming up? February 22nd is Walk Your Dog Day! Read on as a local Somerville, MA vet discusses taking Fido for a stroll.

Benefits of Walks

While walks are crucial for sanitary purposes for many of us, they also offer some wonderful benefits for Fido. Those daily strolls help keep your pet active and moving, which is great for him physically. This will also help your pup burn off his excess energy, leaving him calmer and better behaved. It’s also important to remember that dogs pick up a lot of information from scents. Sniffing new ground is almost like reading a paper for your pet! This, and the change of scenery walks offer, give dogs beneficial mental stimulation. They’re also a great chance for you to spend time with your furry buddy!

Paw Care

Make sure to take care of Fido’s furry feet! In winter, snow, ice, salt, and chemical deicing agents can do a number on your dog’s paws. In summer, hot tar and asphalt can cause painful paw abrasions. If your pooch doesn’t like wearing booties, use paw balm to protect his paws.


Always put your dog’s safety first. Pay close attention to the ground, and steer your pet away from possible hazards, such as broken glass. This is also a concern in winter, as snow can hide dangerous objects or areas. When walking your pup on the side of a road, keep Fido on the outside: he’s much smaller, and will be harder for drivers to spot. If you use headphones, keep the volume down low enough for you to hear what’s going on around you. Night walks can also be hazardous. When going out after dark, keep walks short and sweet, stick to well-lit areas, and bring a phone with you.

Helpful Hacks

Does your pooch lunge whenever he sees a squirrel, cat, or another dog? Whenever Fido pulls on his leash, immediately stop and change directions. Training can be tiresome, but that’s why it works! You may also want to clip a carabiner onto the end of your pet’s leash. That way, if you have to stop for something, you can clip your furry friend to a post or tree. (Note: never leave your pooch unattended.)

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