Valentine’s Day Pet Safety

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast! Keep your pet’s health and safety in mind as the holiday approaches. This romantic holiday can actually be quite dangerous for your furry friend! Here, a Somerville, MA vet offers some tips on keeping your animal companion safe.


Candies may seem harmless—except perhaps to our waistlines—but in fact they can be very dangerous to our furry pals. Many candies, including those little hearts with the sweet messages, contain xylitol, which is toxic to pets. Hard candies are also a choking hazard, as are their wrappers.


Chocolate is, in our book, one of life’s best simple pleasures. However, it isn’t safe for pets. It can even be fatal in large doses! Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which are both toxic to our four-legged friends.


Candles and fireplaces are often incorporated into romantic dinners. Pets and flames are not a safe mix! If you burn candles, keep them in high, secure spots that your fuzzy friend can’t reach. If you have a fireplace, keep a secure grate on it, so your dog or cat can’t get too close.


Wine is also a big part of many Valentine’s Day evenings. Don’t let your animal companion have any, though. Even small amounts of alcohol can make pets very sick!

Stuffed Animals

Those cute little teddy bears are a very sweet way to brighten up a loved one’s day. Dogs are notorious for destroying them, however, so keep your gift away from your canine pal. The stuffing is sometimes toxic, and can choke your pet or cause serious internal problems. Smaller parts, like buttons and plastic eyes, are also dangerous, as are ribbons and ties.


Many popular flowers, such as lilies, are poisonous to pets. Roses, the top choice for Valentine’s Day bouquets, are also dangerous, though this is due to their sharp thorns, rather than toxicity issues. Keep flowers somewhere out of paws’ reach.


While many cards are harmless, some can be dangerous. Musical cards, for instance, contain small batteries and other pieces that are toxic to pets. Ribbons, glitter, and buttons are also unsafe. Err on the side of caution, and display cards in a spot your furry buddy can’t get to.

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