Our Careteam

Myrna Robinson-Weiner
Practice Manager
Myrna married Dr. Bruce Weiner in 1978, and the couple opened their very first veterinary practice in Boston a few months later. Ever since, she’s been putting her background in education to good use in order to better the lives of pets and their owners!

Myrna is originally from Worcester, Massachusetts, where she grew up enjoying the company of her family’s mixed-breed dog, Fluffy, and her cat, Mow Mow. Her early experiences with pets helped cement a life-long love of animals. This bond with animals was really strengthened when she met her husband!

As the Practice Manager of Cambridge Veterinary Care, Myrna enjoys educating clients on the best possible care techniques for their furry friends and developing deep, personal connections with families over the years. Each and every patient who visits the clinic reminds Myrna that teamwork truly does pay off. She’s incredibly proud to be a part of the Cambridge Veterinary Care family.

Myrna and Dr. Weiner have been married for over 30 years, and have two sons and a pair of cats. One of her feline companions, Midnight, watches television with Myrna every evening (although she’s occasionally scared away by loud noises coming from the TV!).

When she has time away from her duties here at the clinic, Myrna enjoys reading, meeting with her book club on a monthly basis, and spending time with her large group of close girlfriends.
Kim Ventola
Head Veterinary Technician
A Boston native, Kim grew up immersed in the medical field—both of her parents worked as nurses in the human healthcare profession. Her grandparents were also huge animal lovers, and inspired Kim early on in life to care for pets the same way she would care for a human family member. Now, Kim puts her passion to good use every day as Cambridge Veterinary Care’s Head Veterinary Technician!

Kim first joined the Cambridge Veterinary Care team in the spring of 1984 as a volunteer; back then, the practice was still located on Boston’s Huntington Avenue. She enjoyed caring for pets alongside Dr. Weiner so much that she simply never left! Kim has special passions for animal behavior and body language, and also loves to serve as Dr. Weiner’s right-hand woman during surgeries.

Outside of work, Kim likes spending time with her son and daughter, volunteering for the Autism Awareness cause, and enjoying the company of her own pets. The family lives with Bindi, an elderly bulldog; a beagle mix named Cosmo; an aging domestic shorthair cat; and a young orange tabby.
Nicole Raffaele
Veterinary Technician
Nicole has loved all types of creatures since she was a little girl. She even recalls running around her parents’ home pretending she was a dog! It didn’t take long for Nicole to realize that a career in the world of animal care was her true calling.

Nicole has worked in animal care all her life, and has served in kennels and even groomed pets professionally. She’s been a Veterinary Technician here at Cambridge Veterinary Care since 2000, and especially likes caring for senior pets and greeting the clinic’s new clientele.

Nicole and her husband, Angelo, have two wonderful sons, Giuseppe and AJ. The family shares their home with a seven-year-old English mastiff named Maybel and a three-year-old Russian toy terrier named Luci. Although Luci weighs a mere four pounds, she loves bossing around her 140-pound housemate!
Cindy Valentine
Veterinary Technician
Cindy has been caring for sick or injured animals since she was a little girl, and would often bring home birds or snakes to her mother to try and save them. As she grew older, her love of animals only grew with her. Cindy knew that a career in the world of veterinary medicine was the perfect choice for her!

Born in Ohio, Cindy grew up in Massachusetts as the youngest of nine siblings. At the ripe age of 14, she began working with guard dogs for a security company that was owned by a friend of her parents. Years later, she began working with horses at a race track before signing on as a kennel attendant at a local veterinary office. From there, Cindy learned the ropes of the profession and worked her way up to the Veterinary Technician position.

Cindy became a member of the Cambridge Veterinary Care family in April of 2009 after moving back to this area, and has a special fondness for soft-tissue surgery. Most of all, she loves connecting with pet owners on a personal level and improving the lives of their four-legged companions in whatever way she can.

In her free time, Cindy enjoys reading, spending time outdoors in the sun, and making dreamcatchers. She has three adult children and six grandchildren, and shares her home with four dogs and a cat.
Office Cat
Ace was rescued from the streets of Dorchester at four months of age, and eventually made his way to the nearby Charles River cat rescue organization. A volunteer brought Ace here to Cambridge Veterinary Care, where he quickly won over the hearts of the clinic’s employees!

It didn’t take long for the staff of Cambridge Veterinary Care to make an executive decision: Ace was staying put as one of the official Office Cats. He has since grown to a hearty 16 pounds and has a new best friend: Buzz, who is barely half of Ace’s size.
Office Cat
Buzz was found by a client of Cambridge Veterinary Care sitting on a highway in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Buzz was driven straight to the office, where he was promptly treated for dental disease. Today, Buzz is completely pain-free and is happy to greet each and every patient and pet owner who visits the clinic!

Buzz is quite the character around the office, and particularly enjoys getting treats from anyone who will offer them. Buzz invites you to stop by the clinic, meet him, and take a tour of the beautiful facility. Don’t forget to leave your guess as to why Buzz doesn’t have a tail!